QINOpractic Medicine

What is QINOpractic Medicine?

QINOpractic Medicine is a complementary and alternative health care profession with the purpose of diagnosing and treating mechanical disorders. QINOpractic uses a holistic treatment approach to recognize the body's inborn intelligence to organize, maintain and heal itself.

QINOpractic was founded by Mike Dahlstrom in 2005. QINOpractic is when knowledge, wisdom and philosophy from Chinese Medicine and Chiropractic come together with techniques from Kinesiology, Osteopathy and a variety of soft tissue techniques into an holistic treatment protocol.

Philosophy and approach to healthcare:
The QINOpractic perspective reflects a holistic approach to healthcare and . QINOpractic is non-invasive and recognizes the dynamics of lifestyle, environment and health. This treatment appreciates the multifactorial nature of structural, chemical, and psychological influences on the nervous system and indeed the whole body.

QINOpractic begins with the assumption that function and structure are interdependent and cannot be evaluated separately. Problems within our skeletal structure and joints cause an imbalance in the overall function of the body. These imbalances in function (disturbances in muscles, circulation, nerve function, inner organs, and glands to name a few), can lead to changes in muscular balance and overall physiological function. Structural problems, in turn, can lead to disturbances in nerve function and signal flow, resulting in biochemical changes and pain.

Why and not What

A QINOpractic Medicine (QM) treatment sometimes seems somewhat strange for observers and for those on the treatment table.

Why, well, our basics differs from the "norm". QM philosophy originates from Chinese medicine (in combination with Western, of course), which sometime, for the untrained eye can seem mysterious. Chinese medicine has been around for 5,000 years and are likely to survive way longer than the Western "symptom" base treatment protocol.

It's the pharmaceutical companies who are dictating terms and they are not there for your benefit. They have demands from their owners to make money. If you become healthy their source of income vanishes.. Then, the Rockefeller, the Carnegie and the 3 families, that owns the pharmaceutical companies have to hold on to their money, and this is something that they probably won't do voluntarily.

Today's medical AND alternative health educations are geared in the same direction, towards the Medical, or Western Model. Alternative health educational institutes have gone from a alternative direction to a strong desire to be a part of the "establishment". Unfortunately, a huge side effect, is the loss of our origin (or foundation) and this is what's happening right now. Schools have removed alot of their holistic approach (eastern medicine, old traditional philosophies and healing wisdom from the past) and theby the understanding of the "why". Why do we do what we do, why is this patient/client having this issue? 

On our website, you'll see lot's of underlying philosphies and or pillars.  Please click here to read about one of them, why we differ alot from a more conventional approach.

My back is killing me - Can you help me?
That is one of the most common question we get. And the answer is: I have no idea, that depends on alot of different factors.

All our treatments focuses on the underlying cause, patterns or behaviour. And since they may differ from patient to patient, so does the treatment.
Let's call it the first domino.

Why do you have claustrophobia, why do you have recurrent low back pain? Why have you disparaging thoughts about yourself? Why do you feel that even if others are happy with your work, you feel that you could have done it even better. Depending on why you have these symptoms, treatment tailored according to you as an individual, AND YOUR WHY. Not on the current symptoms.

Your symptoms are only the end result, not the root cause. Symptoms are "What" you have, but it/they don't automatically answer the question? "Why" do you have that you have.

Many times I've been asked: I have a client who has joint pain or recurring torticollis. What should I do, or how should I think?
The answer is always: Why do they have it? What is the underlying factor / cause that createted the problem they are experienceing today?

When it comes to pelvic floor pain pain, it looks like the slam dunk, the woman gave birth to a child. But there are always factors that may not appear as clear as this, for example, why, after 5 years is she still have these symptoms? She hasn't given birth to children since then, but she's still suffering. Why. Depending on this Why, the therapist then tries to find out the answer to that question. Why.

For us, this is quite logical, but too many of our colleagues, it looks weird.?! Probably because their basis derives from Western medicine, that focuses all effort on what you have rather than why you have it. Western medicine provides you without any big fuzz with allergy medicine in order to better manage for example pollen better, but they will never try to understand or treat the underlying cause for your allergies.

Unfortunately, the problem don't originate in our conscious part of the brain. The underlying cause of claustrophobia doesn't originate from the conscious part of the brain. If this were the case, we should've been able to logically say to ourselves: no, I'm fed up, I'll stop this claustrophobic nonsense now...

How do you think the person will react the next time they get "trapped" in a dark room? Panic attack. Claustrophobia originates from the subconscious part of the brain, not the conscious part. In order for us to get an answer to Why they have claustrophobia, we need to enter the subconscious part of the brain.
This is what we do.

QINOpractic Medicine focus on the why.
QINOpractic Medicines approach to health care is in some way a bit different from others. We focus on Why a person has symptoms and not so muck on What they have. We focus our treatment on finding the underlying cause of the problem. This is a bit harder than it seems, because the underlying cause can and often is well hidden in your beliefs. The "trigger situation" for your current problem is what it is, but is that really the underlying cause of your problems?

Mahatma Gandhi:
“Your beliefs become your thoughts, 
Your thoughts become your words, 
Your words become your actions, 
Your actions become your habits, 
Your habits become your values, 
Your values become your destiny.”

Can you start with change in the middle? With just changing your actions? Or, learn how to handle your habits?
No, you can't. 

We have to start with the first domino, your beliefs.
“Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.”

Healing comes from within.
A few basic principles must be fulfilled for healing to happen:
1, Man is a self-healing mechanism, healing comes from within.
2, The brain must be aware of the problem.
3, The spine must be stable (inside lives the spinal cord)
Healing comes from within, not from outside ourselves. No doctor, chiropractor or acupuncturist can heal you.
Only you. Since this is one of our pillars, the therapist works with your body's own healing capacity.

This means that the treatment is different. All we do is “direct” the brain to understand that there is a problem or
imbalance. A treatment/treatment series almost always starts with creating balance in the pelvis and core stability, then the brain can often find itself where the problem is and solves it.

Healing comes from within.
”There are no incurable diseases, only incurable people” Bernie Seigel, cancerforskare

Upper and Lower Cross Syndrome
We are born with different kinds of muscles, some are known as postural muscles which are to maintain our posture and then we have some muscles that are known as inhibitory muscles.
An imbalance, or disorder between these two groups leads to a so-called "muscular imbalance".
Mankind are blessed with two particular syndromes: Upper and Lower Cross Syndrome.

Muscular imbalances, irritated nerves, and "incorrect input signals to the brain”
(proprioception) creates problems with the joints, mainly of the spine, which is the
structure that the most common pain symptoms originated from.


Einstein had a theory, which describes mathematically how matter is nothing
more than energy and all energy vibrates, E = MC2. This means that the energy
(E) equals mass (M) times the speed of light squared (electrons, C2).
Lets look at it again: Mass times the speed of light squared is equal to energy.
Everything you see around you is a lot, including your body. We are made up of energy.

Mass. What is mass?
The smallest element that we consist of is an atom.
An atom consists of a nucleus with a positive electric charge (positively charged protons and neutral neutrons) surrounded by a cloud of electron with a negative electrical charge which spins around itīs core, (at the speed of light squared, C2). This generates energy.
The energy represent different energy levels, or frequencies.
This is obscure for most to begin with, because the basis of your knowledge of our body is stems from Western medicine, which is based on Chemistry.

Eastern oriented medicine (and doctors) base their knowledge and treatment on energy.
The problem is on an energy level, not a chemical one.

Final thought:
The person you are today is the result of your thoughts and actions you've had uptil today. The person you are in 5 years is the result of your thoughts and actions you have today.

Read those lines a couple of time and think about this:
Where will you be in 5 years if you keep you action and thought pattern that brought you here?
Where will you be then? Better, the same or worse off?










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